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Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences

Managing and administration teams of FCHSE work on a daily bases together with the different commissions and the centre's board, consisting on representatives of teachers and students, to organise, coordinate, and make all the centre’s academic activity visible.

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The Faculty





  • Dean
    Mª Inés Gabari Gambarte
  • Secretary
    Alfredo Pina Calafi
  • Members appointed by the Dean
    • Lucía Pellejero Goñi
    • José Mª Uribe Oyarbide
    • Vidal Díaz de Rada Iguzquiza
    • Juan José Zubiri Lujambio
    • Magdalena Romera Ciria
    • Ana Mª Mendioroz Lacambra
  • Representatives of tenured teaching staff
    • Nieves Ledesma Marín
    • Esteban Induraín Eraso
    • Iñigo Mugueta Moreno
    • Izaskun Villarreal Olaizola
  • Representatives of the rest of teaching staff
    • Arantza Almoguera Martón
    • Yolanda Alonso Martirena
  • Administration and Services staff
    • Rogelia Hernández Blanco
    • Jazmina Soldevilla (Suplente)
  • Students' representatives
    • Natalia Garicano Erice
    • Nuría Marín Arriazu
    • Garbiñe Aizcorbe Escriche
    • Oier Santamaria Remón

  1. Dean of the Centre, Chair
    Mª Inés Gabari Gambarte
  2. Quality Coordinator of the Centre (CCC), acting as Secretary
    Arantza Almoguera Martón
  3. Head of Quality of each of the Degrees depending on the Centre (RCT)
    • Juanjo Zubiri Lujambio: Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education
    • Camino Bueno Alastuey: Bachelor's degree in Primary Education
    • Vidal Díaz de Rada Iguzquiza: Bachelor's degree in Applied Sociology
    • Javier Arza Porras: Bachelor's degree in Social Work
    • Fernando Mendiola Gonzalo: Bachelor's degree in History and Heritage
    • Nerea Zugasti Mutilva: Master's degree in Social Intervention with Individuals, Families and Groups
    • Magdalena Romera Ciria: Master’s degree in Secondary Education Teaching
  4. Two students representatives of the Degrees depending on the Centre, proposed by the Student Council
    • Oier Santamaría Remón (Bachelor's degree in History and Heritage)
    • Natalia Garicano Erice (Bachelor's degree in Primary Education) 
  5. A representative of the Administration and Services staff appointed by the Dean: 
    Rogelia Hernández Blanco
  6. An external agent (professional association, association, business organisation, any public or private entity) proposed by the Social Council:
    José Antonio Ascarza Mondragón
  7. A representative of the Teaching and Research staff Inspection Unit, proposed by said Unit: 
     Mariola Artuch Aguirre
  8. A representative of the Vice-Chancellor’s office with power over the quality on the official degrees and master's degrees, proposed by the Vice-Chancellor:
    Leticia Jericó Ojer
  9. A representative of the Organisation and Quality Unit (UOC):
    Piedad Muelas Gullón
  10. Other guests, depending on the nature of the issues to be dealt with

Centers and Departments

People in charge

Administration Staff and location


Office hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00 - 14:30 and 16:00 - 18:00
  • Friday: 9:00 - 14:30

Summer office hours (July and August): Monday-Friday, 9:00 - 14:30

Christmas and Easter office hours: 9:00 - 14:30

Regulation to choose delegates and sub-delegates for degrees, Master's degrees and Doctoral degrees of Public university of Navarre (24/11/2021).

Recognition of university extension credits for student representation at the Government Council, Social Council, University staff, Department Councils of Centre Boards, Permanent Board of the Student Council, jury of grantees, delegate/s and sub-delegate/s of year or class.

In the case of class delegate/s and sub-delegate/s, the student will obtain one ECTS - the University grants it automatically, no application is required.

List of delegate/s and sub-delegate/s for the academic year 2022/23

Student Council: Member of the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences