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Teaching at the Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences revolves around respecting diversity, both individual and collective. The approach towards degrees is holistic and inclusive, fosters critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Our graduates acquire the scientific view of the subjects while they also develop a growing awareness of the values implicit in the Strategy 2030 and and the SDG that it pursues.

  • 78 subjects in English
  • 25 subjects in French
  • 165 subjects in Basque
  • 40,41 % students carry out internships
  • Teaching structured around the most urgent challenges in our society: educational innovation, social intervention or historic and cultural heritage management, all of which from a degree, double degree and Master’s degree programme in which active and practical methodologies play a key role.
  • Language skills and multilingual teaching: degrees in Spanish, Basque, and international programmes in English, and subjects offered in French.
  • Internationalisation of degrees: international programmes in Teaching degrees, contact and collaborations with foreign universities, courses on Spanish as a foreign language (ELE), UPNA's own degree "Language, Culture and business in ELE".
  • External internships in companies which allows students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to acquire their professional skills. Apart from making the transition to their professional lives easier, internships are a perfect setting to prepare their end-of-degree projects.
  • Volunteer work which enhances skills acquisition and personal growth, all of which entail added value. It is as well recognised with university extension credits.