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Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences

End-of-Master’s-degree (TFM) project

Doing my TFM:

Calendar Calendar

  • Register for the end-of-Master’s-degree subject at the same time as the rest of subjects within the ordinary registration period.

  • Choose your TFM: the offer will be published as a public list.

  • Contact the TFM supervisor.

  • Do your project, assisted by your TFM supervisor. The project may be carried out at a company or an NGO.

    Check the TFM structure and format:

    Register for the defence and authorise open or restricted access to your TFM: Once your TFM is finished and within the time period stated by the Faculty, students must fill in a registration form and an open or restricted access authorisation form. Both must be signed by the student and the project supervisor.

    Place of submission: Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences

  • Submission of TFM as a pdf document: through "MiAulario", in "Tareas” within the folder called:

    • Máster de profesorado de Educación Secundaria.: XX_0_73193_1

    • Máster Universitario en Género, Mujeres e Igualdad (MUGI).: XX_0_730390_1

    • Máster de Intervención Social con individuos, familias y grupos: XX_0_730190_1 XX_0_730290_1
      (NB: “XX" stands for the reference year of the academic year)


  • Defend your TFM before the tribunal: Time and date of the defence will be communicated to the student once registration is done

  • University Master's degree in Social Intervention with Individuals, Families and Groups: check the guide
  • University Master's degree in Secondary Education Teaching: check the guide in Spanish and Basque Access information on the subject.
  • University Master's degree in Gender, Women and Equality (MUGI): check the guide

Convocatoria febrero de 2023
  • Máster en Profesorado de Educación Secundaria
    • Especialidad Matemáticas febrero
    • Especialidad Física y Química febrero
  • Máster en Intervención Social con Individuos, Familias y Grupos
Convocatoria Junio 2022
  • Máster en Intervención Social con Individuos, Familias y Grupos  Ver Tribunales
Convocatoria septiembre 2022 

Attention: All documents in this section are fillable PDFs which must be previously downloaded to a hard drive or similar.

Handwritten documents will not be accepted (except for signatures).

Because of the change in regulations, it is no longer necessary to submit a proposed TFM to the Faculty.

 Compulsory documents 

Those which every student carrying out the TFM must submit in the places indicated below:

  • Defence registration and authorisation: the file, i.e. the registration (page 1), once downloaded, filled in and signed by supervisor and student, and the authorisation for publication (page 2), must be submitted.
    • Place of submission: en la Faculty of Human, Social and Educational Sciences;n (Los Magnolios building, ground floor, from 8:30 to 17:30)  or by e-mail to:
  • End-of-Master’s-degree project (TFM): it must be submitted in pdf format
    • Place of submission en MiAulario
    • Check the Tutorial on TFM submission

Other forms

Check here End-of-Master's degree projects from previous years in the institutional archive (Academica-e)


What happens after the defence?

  • Checking and using TFE stored in the institutional archive of the Library is only authorised for non-profit-making preservation, study and research purposes.
  • The text may only be used for short quotes, always stating author and source, according to Law 23/2006, which modifies the consolidated text of the Intellectual property Law.
  • Authors keep all their copyrights and, therefore, may use their work as they may deem appropriate (published on commercial media, store it in other archives, etc.

Access the academica-e archive Accede al repositorio academica-e

Matrícula de honor

Cada tribunal podrá proponer motivadamente la calificación de entre los TFM que hayan obtenido una nota igual o superior a 9.

Medios fraudulentos

El plagio y la utilización de material no original (salvo aquel autorizado explícitamente por el profesorado), incluido aquél obtenido a través de internet, sin indicación expresa de su procedencia y, si es el caso, permiso de su autor, podrá ser calificado de suspenso (0.0) y objeto de sanción, previa apertura de expediente disciplinario.