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The area of Commercialisation and Market Research is focused on teaching subjects related to marketing carried out by a company: management and commercial management, market research and marketing information systems.

The research area professors carry out is focused on the study of the consumer behaviour, on the analysis of the management of retailer distribution channels (both traditional and on-line) and on international marketing.

Head of the area: Chocarro Eguaras, Raquel

The Financial Economics and Accounting area can be divided into two big work fields including both teaching and researching. Firstly, Accounting, offers subjects related to business accounting, both external (foundation, financial accounting, accounting analysis, auditing and consolidation) and internal (cost and management accounting). It also offers courses related to accounting in the public sector. The research group focuses on two lines: accounting manipulation and auditing, on the one hand, and social and environmental accounting on the other hand.

The second field, Financial Economics, focuses on teaching all those subjects related to a company's financial department: investment, financial and financial markets decisions. Professors’ research is mostly focused on understanding the financial markets (equity, derivative, investment funds...), asset valuation, credit risk and effects on the valuation and investments’ behaviour studies.

Head of the area

The area of Economics, Sociology and Agricultural Policies develops researching, teaching and management activities on issues related to economics of the agri-food system, incorporating aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy and fields it targets in the sustainable agriculture, environmental management and rural development scopes.

Another action field is focused on the agri-food company management, and the commercialisation of its products, including current topics such as health and food safety, convenience and innovation in this productive sector.

Head of the area: Simón Elorz, Katrin

The area of Company Organisation consists of tenured professors and lecturers with teaching, researching and professional experience is focused on the Production, Human Resources and General Management of a company. Professors in this area gather around research groups of Business Administration, Business Economy and Business Organisation, from which they approach different lines of academic research.

Head of the area: Teresa García Marco




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