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University Ranking by Academic Performance

University Ranking by Academic Performance


They define themselves as a “non-profit organisation which got established at the IT Institute of the Middle East Technical University in 2009. The URAP team members are METU researchers who take part voluntarily in the URAP Research Laboratory as a public service. URAP’s main goal is to develop a classification system for the universities of the world based on academic performance indicators which show the quality and quantity of academic publications.

URAP classification system approach is based on academic quality. URAP has developed data on 3000 higher education institutes (HEI) trying to classify these organisations according to their academic performance.

URAP classification system is fully based on objective data obtained from reliable open sources. Since 2017, URAP used a new filter for the articles and quotes indicators in order to foster the quality of the publication by focusing on the articles published in journals ranked within the first, second and third tiers according to their Journal impact factor within their respective theme areas.

It is based on 6 academic performance indicators. Since URAP is a ranking based on academic performance, publications are the basis of the classification methodology. Both the quality and the quantity of publications are used as indicators, as well as the performance of international collaboration in research.

According to these mentioned criteria, URAP ranks UPNA at position 45 among Spanish universities and 1265 worldwide. To check in detail the evaluation carried out by URAP according to their criteria on UPNA, for 2023 you may do so here

The data are gathered from Web of Science and InCites, which provide HEI lists.

The methodology to create this ranking can be checked here.