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Mission and Vision


As its Strategic Plan states, the Mission of the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) is to contribute to the progress of society through the creation and transmission of knowledge, and the promotion of culture, providing individuals with a comprehensive education.


The Public University of Navarre will contribute to the comprehensive education of its students through methods based on learning, including customised and tutored processes, adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

In close collaboration with its socio-economic environment, it will drive research and, through knowledge transfer, play a leading role in Navarre’s innovation system.

It will look to specialisation as a distinguishing feature which will allow it to serve as a model in the national and international university sector.

In addition to fostering a university community committed to society, it will apply Social Responsibility criteria to everything it does.

It will generate a working environment within which its team can perform their professional functions as well as possible.