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The Public University of Navarre includes this Transparency Portal on its website in line with its commitment to providing society with comprehensive, reliable, easy-to-find public information and in compliance with Navarrese Act 5/2018 of 17 May on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.

In this way, anyone interested can find out more about how the university works internally and access the most relevant information on the activities that it performs quickly and easily. It also allows them, therefore, to assess how efficiently the resources invested by Navarrese society are used.

The Portal aims to serve as an active, dynamic tool, updating the information it already contains and adding any new content requested.

Send any suggestions or comments you may have to:

All natural and legal, public and private persons have the right to access public information on request, with no limitations other than those covered by Navarrese law. Such requests should be addressed to  

To further guarantee the right of access to public information, any citizen may file a complaint before the Navarre Council of Transparency should his/her request be denied.