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Ranking CYD

Ranking CYD

Developed in parallel with U-Multirank, with which it shares objectives and methodology, Ranking CYD does not provide numerical indicators for universities or any kind of composite indicator. It presents its results in the form of performance groups. The 2017 edition, the fourth ever, includes an institutional ranking and 4 areas of knowledge from the previous versions (Business Studies, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) have been updated and four others have been included (Economics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Chemical Engineering).

The ranking provides information on different dimensions of the 67 universities (46 public and 21 private) which took an active part in this year’s edition. Bibliometric and patent indicators are also published for another 2 public universities. 33 indicators were analysed for the institutional ranking and 30 for the areas, grouped into five dimensions: Teaching & Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Contribution to regional development.

In the institutional ranking, the Public University of Navarre earned 7 high-performance ratings, 21 mid-range ratings and 5 low-performance ratings, the Teaching & Learning, and Research dimensions attracting the greatest number of high-performance scores.

This year, data is available on the University in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Studies and Economics. It received 11 high-performance ratings in Electrical Engineering, 8 each in Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering, 5 in Mechanical Engineering, 15 in Business Studies and 3 in Economics.