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The Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development in the Food Chain (IS-FOOD) seeks to produce, innovate and promote safe, sustainable and healthy food.



The Institute, which brings together research groups associated with the University’s School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSIA), is headed by the Full Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences Maria Jose Beriáin Apesteguía.

The novelty of the Institute lies in the fact that it addresses the challenges of food research and innovation from a comprehensive perspective, covering all the links in the food chain, from the production of raw materials through to the consumer, including all the intermediate stages.

In order to address the industry’s problems, challenges and opportunities fully, the Institute takes a multidisciplinary approach to study all the different actors involved in the agrifood value chain. This also makes comprehensive control of the production process, traceability, possible.

The Institute seeks to support production and innovation in the agrifood chain, basing itself on the need for environmentally friendly production systems.

Institute for Sustainability & Food Chain Innovation
Centro Jerónimo de Ayanz
Campus de Arrosadia
31006 Pamplona-Iruña
Tel. 948 169512
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