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Come and experiment

Actividad Crea tu propio pan del ciclo de actividades Ven y Experimenta de la UPNA"Come and experiment" is a programme organised by UPNA’s Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Biosciences (ETSIAB). It allows students to find out about the various fields an agricultural engineer can work in, and practise technologies such as the use of GPS or satellites in agriculture.

Some of the offered activities are:

  • Make your own bread
  • Control automatically your plants
  • Taste new drinks
  • Find your home from the satellite: this activity allows students to become familiar with a usual practice as is the observation of the Earth from satellites to forecast the weather, for example. In this activity, we show images of the most common satellites and, after learning some concepts, students can find their homes and UPNA's campus.
  • Prepare your herbarium
  • Learn how to operate a tractor
  • Student-topographer
  • Take care of the plants without harming the environment: it aims at ensuring a proper use of the phytosanitary products, since good agricultural practices codes, the Vegetable Health Law and the concern about environment preservation so command. This can be achieved by controlling the machinery that spread such products.


Scientific dissemination

Public University of Navarre, through the Cultural Activities Section, offers education centres of the region of Navarre a series of conferences that intend to raise awareness on a wide range of scientific and technological topics among secondary education students of the region of Navarre.

The conferences cover various disciplines such as: Natural Sciences, Physics and Technology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Social Sciences, Legal Sciences and Linguistics

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Olympics are competitions targeting young students, which aims at stimulating the study of the corresponding science. The three first in each test are rewarded with different gifts and three cash awards granted by the Ministry of Education. In addition, they represent Navarre in the national stage of each Olympics. Specifically, Public University of Navarre takes part in: