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Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science

Contribute to physical and sport activity promotion and practice in schools and sport clubs, as well as physical/sport training of sportspeople, teams or people with pathological conditions or chronic illnesses


Degree in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Why is studying the Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science a good idea?

  • Booming work area: physical-sport instructors are expected to be in high demand due to the restructuring of the educational curriculum - in some regions they are pushing an increase in physical education hours. 
  • Degrees that combine knowledge on teaching physical education, sport training, physical activity for health, management and sport recreation
  • High social interest in physical activity as the perfect way to prevent and treat many of these diseases:
    • Among young people, to control anxiety and depression, and to enhance their social and physical development. 
    • Among adults, to reduce risk of disease.
    • Among older adults, to reduce and delay the start of frailty or dependence and to improve mental health. 
  • You will acquire knowledge which will enable you to:
    • Assess physical conditions and prescribe health-oriented exercises.
    • Develop and assess physical-sport activities.
    • Organise and run sport institutions and facilities.


You can do this degree with:

Training in competencies


Most suitable means of access

  • Bachillerato
    • Bachillerato LOE (Spanish Secondary Education system): Science and Technology, or Social Sciences.
    • Bachillerato LOGSE (Spanish former Secondary Education system): Health Sciences or Social Sciences. 
  • Higher Professional Training studies related to the degree.  

* No physical test required to access

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What job options will I have when I finish my Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science?

  • Physical-sport instructor in schools and sport clubs.
  • Body trainer and expert in physical-sport readjustment for sportspeople and teams and people with pathological conditions and/or chronic illnesses, personal trainer and fitness specialist.
  • Sport team trainer, body trainer as specialist in sport performance.
  • Technical Director of sport facilities, technical director of sport services companies, sport entertainer and sport recreation technician.
  • Direction, organisation and management of sport programmes and events.
  • Sport facilities management.
  • Physical activity and sport research.

Which Master's degrees can I study when I finish my Bachelor's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science?

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