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Higher Technical School of Industrial and ICT Engineering


UPNA students

If you are a UPNA student you may study at a domestic or foreign university for a semester or academic year

International students

Would you like to come to study to UPNA? Are you going to study this year at UPNA?

Teaching staff mobility

Are you a teacher at another domestic or international university and you wish to stay at UPNA?

What does the Higher Technical School of Industrial and ICT Engineering offer you?

The School will strive to enhance the international character of its engineering degrees.

  • It offers an international programme in the Industrial Engineering degree, in which 80% of the subjects are taught in English.
  • Each year it receives students from all over the world.
  • All students have the chance to study abroad. Mobility is guaranteed on international programmes.
  • Visiting students: they may choose among a wide range of courses in English and internships at multinational companies established around us.
  • The School is particularly active on the development of international bonds. It has established over 100 cooperation and exchange agreements with universities of over 30 countries.