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Transparence of Spanish Universities - FCYT


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Haz Foundation (formerly Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia (Commitment and Transparency Foundation)) analyses the transparency and good governance practices of Spanish public and private universities’ websites – that is to say, the effort to spread and publish the institution’s relevant information. In order to do so, the information of a number of areas is analysed – a series of indicators are established to assess the reporting carried out.

According to the points achieved, universities are ranked transparent (more than 40 points out of a total of 54), translucent (between 30 and 39 points) and opaque (less than 30 points).

In the report Examen de Transparencia (Transparency Test) 2021, which is the latest one published on universities, Public University of Navarre obtained 50 points (93% of compliance) thanks to 24 indicators showing full compliance, two more granted one point each and one indicator with zero points. This is an improvement compared to the latest edition of the report, in 2019, when the academic institution was ranked transparent as it obtained 41 points out of a total of 54.

This way, Public University of Navarre has obtained the “t de transparente*** (t for transparent)” seal, the highest one granted by Haz Foundation to those academic institutions with a compliance level between 90 and 100% with transparency and good governance indicators.

You may access specific information about UPNA on this website.