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Visiting staff with not contract relation with UPNA

Procedure: “guest” academic/research staff with no contract relation established with UPNA

Purpose: To facilitate and foster the welcome of those external academic and research staff in staying at UPNA to teach or research.

This is why the welcome protocol has been modified – to organise in advance the visits and speed up the administrative procedures.

Besides, a Visit Registry has been centralised and completed.

Partes de este texto:

1. Who does it target

  • External academic/research staff (PDI) who is temporarily staying at UPNA to teach or research, in-person or on-line


2. Conditions of the stay and compulsory insurance

  • In the case of in-person visits: The Guest academic/research staff must have taken out a health insurance (EU citizens, European Health Card. The rest private insurance).
  • By no means does the stay imply a work or contract bond for UPNA. Therefore, said Institution is exempt from compensating the guest researcher or student in any way.
  • During the stay the regulations and uses of UPNA will be respected, as well as regulations about health, safety and use of the facilities and equipment in the development of their activity. Also, the calendar and schedules established by the person responsible for the stay will be respected.
  • The guest academic/research staff or student is subject to confidentiality regarding the procedures and data of the research study carried out during their stay. This confidentiality is cancelled through authorization in writing of the Researcher in charge.
  • If appropriate, the stay will be notified to the Labour Health and Environmental Management Unit


3. Request and authorisation

This procedure shall begin under request of a member of the academic/research staff (PDI) with a permanent contract with Public University of Navarre. They shall issue an invitation for the external person, and shall be held responsible for the stay. In all cases the request for stay shall be subject to authorisation by the corresponding Head of Section, Department or Centre.

Submission of the request duly filled in to the University Welcome Office ( (GUEST STAFF/STUDENTS STAY APPLICATION FORM)

  1. Signed by: Guest academic/research staff/student
  2. Signed by: PDI responsible for the stay
  3. Assessed and Authorised by: Corresponding Dean or Director/Head

Documentation attached to the application:

  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Authorisation for the stay issued by the institution of origin
  • Copy of the insurance policy covering the stay.

In the case of stays of staff from calls of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation, it will be enough for the Internationalisation and Cooperation Section to request the services they will need to the WO.


4. Invitation letter

If the Guest PDI or student states so in their application, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation (external PDI) shall issue an Invitation Letter, which shall be sent to the Department under the name of the PDI in charge.

  • The Guest PDI or student requests it on the application sent to the University Welcome Office (UWO).
  • The UWO shall fill in the invitation letter template and shall send it to the ViceChancellor’s office to be signed.
  • Once signed, the letter shall be sent back to the UWO.
  • The UWO shall keep a copy in the file and send the original to the department or centre in charge of the stay.


5. Process and registry

  • The University Welcome Office: Receives and centralises the applications for temporary stays
  • Manages the available services requests:
    • Invitation letter
    • Temporary wi-fi access identification
    • Access to library loan and use of research resources
    • For virtual visits: remote access to the library. They shall be provided with a temporary institutional e-mail address
    • Information and support with immigration formalities
    • ID card (Only for stays of 3 months or more)
  • Keeps an updated guests registry: This way the UWO will become the landmark for both UPNA and guest academic staff


6. Certification of the stay

UPNA shall issue a Certificate of the stay whenever the Guest PDI requests so:

  • The Guest PDI must submit a summary of the activities carried out at UPNA through the “Stay Certificate Application”. It must be sent to the UWO duly filled in and signed by the interested party, and approved by the PDI in charge and by the Director/Head of the Department or Centre.
  • The UWO centralises the applications and passes them on to the General Secretary of UPNA, who shall issue a stay certificate for the interested party. This certificate, which must gather the same information as the “Stay Certificate Application”, shall be sent to the Department under the name of the PDI in charge.
  • The UWO shall proceed to file the documentation of the stay to register it.



7. Regulations

Regulations for visitors without a contractual relationship with the Public University of Navarra (Approved by the Governing Council on July 26, 2023)