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Quality and Organization

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Quality Policy and Goals

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Process Map of a Centre

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Quality continuous improvement

Public University of Navarre (UPNA) has kept since it first started a strong commitment with quality, which was already shown on its I Strategic Plan 2001-2004. The II Strategic Plan 2005-2008, considered designing a Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) together with adapting the official degrees to the European Higher Education Area. The III Strategic Plan 2011-2014 includes other management activities from the point of view of a quality guarantee whole system.

This idea to move towards a management whole system was brought to life in the IV Strategic Plan 2016-2019, which states goals related to establishing a quality model on university management, focused on the contextual needs, and which seeks to improve the employability and entrepreneurship of graduates. 

The current V Strategic Plan 2020-2023, keeps the focus on a quality educational model and describes UPNA's Quality Policy, based on the whole quality principles, aiming at tackling the institutional certification of its centres.

Ever since the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS) was established, all Centres count on their own Quality Guarantee Commission of the Centre (CGCC) which, together with the University Quality Commission, included in the Statutes (Art. 71 and 72), make up the structure in charge of quality at Public University of Navarre.

The Organisation and Quality Unit, advises and informs these commissions and provides the necessary support in all processes related to quality in which University and Centres take part.


University Quality Commission

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Service management

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