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Service letters

Service Letters are documents prepared by Public Administrations aiming at informing users of the services they render, its conditions and the quality levels they commit to.

Public University of Navarre understands Service letters to be a basic quality management and improvement tool, and works towards designing it with different management units part of the administrative sections and services since 2012.

The commitment to establish Service letters gradually in the management units remains as it is shown in the successive strategic plans.

Quality and Organisation Unit advises on the drafting and monitoring of the Service letters. To do so, it has created the procedure PCCS 01 “Diseño de Carta de Servicios” [Service letters design], which details the steps to follow and all the information related to the drafting of the letters at Public University of Navarre.

The procedure PCCS 02 “Seguimiento de Carta de Servicios” [Service letters monitoring] has also been prepared. It states the guidelines to carry out a yearly monitoring of the results after setting up the Letters, as well as a possible update.

Together with establishing the Service letters in the different management units, user satisfaction surveys are carried out to find out about the satisfaction degree with the services rendered at University, and know about possible areas to improve.

The procedure PCCS 03 “Encuestas de satisfacción con los servicios prestados por las unidades de gestión” [Satisfaction surveys regarding the services rendered by management units] describes the system followed at University to gather the users’ opinions regarding their satisfaction level with the services.

The general results of the surveys carried out so far are available in the following Table.


PCCS 01 Service letters design

PCCS 02 Service letters monitoring

PCCS 03 Satisfaction surveys regarding the services


Service letters

Public University of Navarre currently counts on the following Service letters: