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09:00 -10:00

Inskripzioa. Inaugurazioa (4. eranskina)

- Francisco Javier Arregui, Ikerketako errektoreordea

- Patricia Fanlo, Unibertsitateko, Berrikuntzako eta Eraldaketa Digitaleko kontseilaria

- María Jesús Rivera, ESA RN38ko Antolakuntza Batzordea

10:00 -11:30

1. osoko saioa (4. eranskina).
Keynote: Elisabetta Vitale Brovarone ‘Rural accessibility across Europe: experiences and challenges’

11:30 -12:00


12:00 -14:00

1. saioa: Migration and social diversity (4. eranskina). Chair: Jesús Oliva

-Magda Bolzoni et al. "Variegated migrations in UNESCO vineyards: diversity, placemaking and inequalities in Southern Piedmont rural areas (Italy)"

-María Jesús Rivera and Ion Martínez-Lorea "Shaping rural cosmopolitanism"

Loukia-Maria Fratsea "Conceptualising the aspirations and socio-spatial trajectories of migrants in rural Greece"

-Henna Asikainen and Ruth McAreavey "We are here our hearts are there: Rurality, ethnicity and belonging"

-Apostolos G. Papadopoulos "Transforming and Hybridising Rural Space: Migrations, Belonging and Subjectivities"

2. saioa: Agriculture and food system (I) (502. gela). Chair: Fatmanil Döner

-Lucas Olmedo and Mary O’Shaughnessy "A Spatial Analysis of Social Economy Organisations and their Impact on Sustainable Development in Irish Rural Areas"

-Ana Villán et al. "Family farm succession and agroecology transitions: a case study in Castilla y León, Spain"

-Ricard Espelt "The Impact of CCIs on Rural Socioeconomic Transformation in Europe: A Theoretical and Empirical Framework with Best Practices"

-Guadalupe Ramos-Truchero "Food and commercial deterioration in remote rural places. Notes to research in Europe"

14:00 - 16:00

Bazkaria (Arrosadiko campuseko jantokia)

16:00 - 18:00

3. saioa: Care and well-being (4. eranskina). Chair: Ruth McAreavey

-Halime Ünal-Resitoglu et al. "Barriers for Rural Older Adults to Access Health Care Services: A Qualitative Study"

-Vicent A. Querol et al. "E-health attitudes in rural areas. A study case in a remote rural area of Valencia región"

- Begoña Elizalde-San Miguel and Lucía Martínez "Fostering the community approach as a tool to re-define long-term care strategies in rural areas: gingko, a project aiming to prevent loneliness among elderly people"

-Leticia Santaballa Santos and Melissa Moralli "Disentangling the "social dimension" of wellbeing in rural and peripheral welcoming communities across Spain and Italy"

-Alexandra Theofili and Pavlos Baltas "Demographic change, well-being and sustainable development in rural areas. The case of Greece"

-Yelda Özen and Halime Ünal Resitoglu "Later Life Care in Rural Areas of Turkey: Experiences of Older Women Villagers"

4. saioa: Environment and sustainability (502. gela). Chair: Apostolos Papadopoulos

-Paul Swagemakers and Lola Domínguez "Setting priorities: cattle breeding and the restoration of natural values in a Biosphere Reserve (Galicia, Spain)"

-Christine Altenbuchner "The adaptive capacity to climate change of agricultural communities in rural areas - Comparing case studies from Austria, Switzerland and California"

-Ángel Manuel Ahedo "The governance of rural sustainability. The cases of Denmark and Spain in the European Union"

-Fátima Cruz et al. "Living and managed forests: their social meanings"

18:00 - 18:30

Etenaldia / RN38 bilera


09:00 -10:30

2. osoko saioa (lehen solairua, lehen modulua - 3. gela)
Keynote: Keith H. Halfacree "Revisiting the post-productivist countryside in challenging times: a 2024 assessment". Chair: Apostolos Papadopoulos, ESA RN 38ko koordinatzailea

10:30 - 11:00


11:00 - 13:00

5. saioa: Challenges for rural policies (lehen solairua 606 gela). Chair: Loukia-Maria Fratsea

-Fatmanil Doner "A tool for populists? Understanding rural well-being and voting behavior in Turkey"

-Alberto Serrano et al. "Women, youth, and innovation in rural areas at high risk of depopulation: the case of the leader programme in Aragón (2014-2020)"

-María Elena Mañas and Xavier Ginés "The indirect impact of LEADER on the rural municipalities of the Valencian Community"

-Fátima Cruz et al. "Statute of rural women in Navarra: empowerment of rural women through gender equality public policies"

- Francisco A. Navarro and Gary Bosworth "Actors and networks in rural place-based policies and initiatives in Spain and the United Kingdom. One step forward"

6. saioa: Agriculture and food system (II). Chair: Luís A. Camarero

-Derya Nizam "How Scale Matters: The Revival of Cooperative Movement in Turkey"

-Marina Bertino and María Dolores Martín-Lagos "New ecological vision after the pandemic. Speeches of new agriculturalists in Sicily"

-Karel Nemecek "The Importance of Rural Spaces in Permacultural Worldview: The Local Areas as Loci of Progress"

-Amaia Albizua "How are social networksstructuring agricultural (un)sustainability? An example from Navarre (Spain)"

-Eugenia Petropoulou and Theo Benos "Exploring the appeal of different alternative food networks"

13:00 - 15:00

Bazkaria (Arrosadiko campuseko jantokia)

15:00 - 17:00

7. saioa: Depopulation and imageries of the rural. (606 gela) Chair. Fátima Cruz

-Noortje Keurhorst and Paul Swagemakers "Shaking up the urban-rural binary: exploring communing practices and imaginaries in the peri-urban monte in Mourente, Pontevedra (Galicia)"

-Sebastián Iturriaga, Paul Swagemakers "Contesting mainstream discourses about abandonment: deviating discourses around rural depopulation in Ancares mountains"

-Beatriz Izquierdo and María Elena Nogueira "Social strengthening in empty Spain. A case of community social innovation and revitalization"

-Cristina Margalejo "Social economic factors of the rural women exodus: insights from a Spanish region"

-Manuel-Tomás González et al. "Peri-urban, mobilized … and markedly vulnerable"

8. saioa: Rural youth and mobilities. (lehen solairua 607 gela) Chair: María Jesús Rivera

-Anita Busljeta Tonkovic "Youth mobility patterns in sparsely populated areas of Croatia: the case study of the Lika Region"

-Petra Benyei "Interlinking factorsinfluencing three main rural social-ecological challengers: depopulation, farmer generational renewal and the adoption of sustainable farming models"

- Javier Águila and Manuel T. González "A sealed destiny? Conditions for the labour and professional development of rural youth"

-David Gil and Vicent A. Querol. "Double residence among rural youth in Spain. Quantification and related factors"

-Gonzalo Reguera-Zaratiegui et al. "Life trajectories and mobility of rural youth in peri-urban areas. A case study in Navarre"

17:00 - 17:30

Etenaldia (beheko solairua)

17:30 - 18:30

Amaierako mahai-ingurua (4. eranskina)