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Erasmus+ Partner Countries

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Idaho y Georgia

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Beira, Chimoio y Cuamba

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The project ERASMUS+ Partner countries offers the opportunity of exchanging among universities and organizations from Bolivia, Perú, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mozambique, USA, China and Moldavia.

The Public University of Navarre supports such new scope of Erasmus+, which supplements its extensive work in the field of university cooperation for development and international cooperation with developed countries.

Aiming to update and to improve European Higher Education elsewhere around the world Erasmus+ program offers plenty of opportunities for students carrying out bachelor degree level training stages, university students, graduate students, lecturers and institutions all around the world, aiding students and staff of higher education institutions to hone their skills and their employment outlook. In this way, Higher Education Institutions of the Programme Countries may cooperate with their neighboring countries, non-UE Balkan countries, Asia, Africa, and Latin American ones, in order to develop their educational systems.

Key Action 1, International mobility for getting academic credits, stands out among its actions. Moreover, within it, Key Action 107 (KA107), through which international mobility chances are promoted to obtain academic credits for students and staff of Higher Education among Programme and Partner Countries.