Research fields of the Optical communications group

The Optical communications group mission is to produce high-quality scientific knowledge in the fields of photonics and electronic applications through research projects, R&D contracts and collaboration agreements with the private sector.

Its research is based on the synergy of four main research fields:

In the last five years, the group has published more than 150 international JCR papers and 70 conference contributions in those topics.

In this period, we have contributed to more than 50 public competitive projects funded by Europe (Horizon 2020 or Europe), Spanish AEI or Navarra´s Regional Government.

We have also carried out more than 40 projects for private companies such as Lumitek, AIN, STI Norland o Gamesa, related with telecommunications, sensors and home automation systems.

Several Spin-offs have been created from our group, such as  Nadetech, Pyrosistech, Eversens, or Menditech, among others.

The group also belongs to the European and Spanish Technologic Platform of Photonics (Photonics21 and Fotónica 21) and to the spanish “Plataforma tecnológica Española para la adopción y difusión de las tecnologías electrónicas, de la información y la comunicación” (Planetic).