Electronics and communications Applications

The group holds a number of activities in the field of electronics and communication applications. These include general specific designs for particular applications upon demand, structured cabling for home automation (domotics), interactive digital services on television and design of technological aids for handicapped people. In all these fields some projects have been developed in the past, but are active now with ongoing projects. To find more, you can enter in each of the lines:

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Smart home and enviromental intelligence

This research line traditionally has been focused in the ambit of the telecommunications for buildings: smart home, intelligent buildings, data networks and intelligent sensors. The group presents practical and theoretical knowledge in systems integration for Digital Home applications with different systems (Vantage, Crestron, InOne, Cardio, Vivimat, X-10, etc) and for the integral buildings management with standard systems as KNX and LON. The group is also a KNX Scientific Partner and has participated in the KNX Scientific Conference during last 8 years with several contributions (remote control systems, optical gateways, security systems, etc.).

On the other hand, with the upcoming era of so-called Ambient Intelligence fosters the development of smart spaces characterized by a certain degree of ubiquitous intelligence. As a result the domestic environments evolve towards resident-aware homes, enabling them to react and adapt to their inhabitants’ context, preferences, tasks, and needs. Thus, the aware home becomes the main collector of personal sensitive data of its residents, used to tailor encountered third-party context-aware services.

The group actually is involved in different projects researching in this line of the “Aware Home” in the Ambient Intelligent field.


Contact: Carlos Fernández Valdivielso, Ignacio Matías