Editorial works

SEveral members of the group are involved in conducting important editorial work  in both domestic and international journals.


M.Dolores Ugarte CoEditors-in-chief (2017-2020)

M.Dolores Ugarte Associate Editor (2013-2016)


Ana F. Militino CoEditors-in-chief  (2013-2016)

Ana F.Militino Associate Editor (2009-2012)

Royal Statistical Society, Series A,

Associate Editor (2010-2013)  Ana F.Militino

Associate Editor (2006-2009)  M.D.Ugarte

Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology

Editor Board: M.Dolores Ugarte (2009-)


Spatial Statistics

Editor Board: Ana F. Militino (2011-2015)

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

Associate Editor: M.Dolores Ugarte (2010-2016)


Statistical Modelling

Associate Editor: M.Dolores Ugarte (2010-)

Environmetrics. Volume 18, issue 7

Guest Editor: M.D.Ugarte (2007)


Revista Colombiana de Estadística

M.Dolores Ugarte Miembro del comité científico (2015-)


M. Dolores Ugarte

Miembro del Consejo Editorial


M. Dolores Ugarte

Miembro del Consejo Editorial (2017-)

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