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International students

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International exchange students

For academic stays of no more than one year, when there is an agreement between the student’s University of origin (or Isep) and the UPNA.

International exchange students who want to study next year at UPNA must be previously selected by their universities. These nominations must be communicated to International Office of UPNA (incoming@unavarra.es).

Only applications sent by students previously nominated by their universities will be admitted.

What can an exchange student do?

As exchange student you can register in any subject of  Bachelor degree. You can check the list of subjects, including, those taught in English in this link.

International Office and your coordinator offer academic orientation to exchange students who need or want it.

And apart from regular subjects you can register in other courses or activities which may interest you such as languagescultural activities  and  sports.

How to apply

Online, through this link 

Contact us: incoming@unavarra.es