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Regulations and information




Certified copy

The Public University of Navarre ONLY makes certified copies to applicants with documents issued by the university itself. For this, the applicant must provide the original document.

The rate for issuing a certified copy is 12,22 € for each certified document.

The payment is made with credit card of any bank (cash is not supported)

In the case of the internal public tenders, the necessary documents will be copy-certified after the payment of the corresponding fares, providing the original document and a copy of the same.

Documentation cross-check

In the processes in which the bases of the summons require the presentation of cross-checked copies, the collation will be free of charge and will be carried out in the General Registry office at the time of presentation.

The applicant shall provide original and copy of the documents to collate. After cross-checking and stamping the copy, the employee will return the original document to the applicant . The copy will be in possession of the UPNA, being added to the rest of presented documentation.

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