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U-Multirank gives a picture of the diversity of university performance in five areas: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. U-Multirank does not produce a single league table, but allows users to identify a university’s strengths and weaknesses, or those aspects which interest them the most on the basis of the indicators included in the areas.

1,497 universities from 99 countries are included in the fourth edition of the ranking, published in 2017, 70 of which are from Spain (47 public universities and 23 private universities). When a search for universities which award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees or PhDs is carried out without modifying the tool’s default indicators, the Public University of Navarre comes 13th out of all the Spanish public universities rated and 24th in the joint table of public and private universities. The University appears mid-table in the European Union as a whole: 299th out of 626. Out of the 147 universities founded after 1980, the Public University of Navarre comes 55th.

U-Multirank also provides an overview of each university, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. The graphic below reflects this overview for the Public University of Navarre. It received the highest possible score on the Bachelor graduation rate indicators in the Teaching and Learning area, income from continuous professional development in Knowledge Transfer and income from regional sources in the field of Regional Engagement.

Each year, U-Multirank also issues a specific analysis of certain subjects. This time round, they were Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Production/Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.