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SIR: Scimago Institutions Ranking


The SCImago Research Group publishes the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR), which classifies institutions using a composite indicator which combines research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact, measured by web visibility.

The calculation is made each year using the results obtained over a five-year period which ends two years before the classification is published.

SIR World uses 12 indicators to arrive at the composite indicator: 8 for the Research factor, 2 for the Innovation factor and 2 for the Societal Impact factor. Some of these are dependent on the size of the organisation in question.

In the 2017 edition, the UPNA came 31st out of the 61 Spanish Higher Education institutions included and 539th in the world out of a total of 2,966.

While its overall position places it in the top 33%, the position it holds for Research and Innovation, it does much better in terms of Societal Impact, where it comes in the top 18%.

The group also publishes the SIR IBER, which reflects academic activity in just Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The SIR IBER classifies Higher Education institutions in Ibero-America which have published at least one paper in Scopus-indexed journals in the last 5 years, using just the number of documents published as an indicator.

With 2,883 documents published, the UPNA comes 102nd in Ibero-America and 41st in Spain in the SIR IBER 2017.