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Scimago Institutions Ranking

Scimago Institutions Ranking

SCImago Research Group develops the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) which provides an institutions ranking through establishing a complex indicator combining three different indicators groups based on the research performance, innovation results and social impact measured by their its visibility on the website.

This calculation is generated on a yearly basis from the results obtained throughout almost five years which ends two years prior to the ranking publication.

In order to generate the complex indicator SIR World, a total of 117 indicators are used: 11 for the factor Research, 3 for the factor Innovation and 3 for the Social Impact. Some of them depend on the size of the organisation.

In the 2023 edition, UPNA ranks 43 out of the 76 Spanish Higher Education Institutions considered, and 1227 worldwide, with a total of 4533 universities ranked.

The following table summarises the percentile SIR has placed UPNA in, in relation with worldwide and Spanish universities.


Percentile situation of UPNA 


Global R.

Research R.

Innovation R.

Social Impact R.


Percentile 28

Percentile 22

Percentile 44

Percentile 28


Percentile 56

Percentile 59

Percentile 50

Percentile 62

In the following link you can see it in detail

They also publish the SIR IBER, which shows exclusively scientific activity of Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries  SIR IBER ranks higher education institutions according to the number of projects indexed in the database Scopus© between 2014 and 2018, and analyses their performance basing on three main factors: research, innovation and social impact. By 2020 an impact indicator has been included: Weighted Citation Normalized (WCN), and a characterisation of the research activity development carried out in the higher education sector, in the first 16 Ibero American countries.

In SIR IBER 2020 with 3119 published documents, UPNA ranks 116 in Ibero America  and 44 in Spain.