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Green Metric


The World University Ranking UI GreenMetric is a ranking on green campuses and environmental sustainability started by University of Indonesia in 2010.

This ranking aims at assessing the current situation and the policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in universities all over the world. Its goal is to raise awareness on the fight against climate change in the world, energy and water conservation, waste recycling and eco-friendly transport. Universities at the top in this sense must be recognisable, so numeric data from hundreds of universities all over the world are gathered and processed to obtain a single score that shows the efforts made by the institution to implement sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies and programmes.

In order to rank them, 6 criteria are being followed: Surroundings and Infrastructure (SI), Energy and Climate Change (EC), Waste (WS), Water (WR), Transport (TR) and Education (ED), and 39 indicators within. For more information click here .

In the 2022 edition UPNA is positioned as follows:

1.- By Region

  UPNA Position Ranking
Worldwide 467
In Europe 131
In Spain 20

2.- By Category


Position UPNA Worldwide Ranking 

Water 833
Education 299
Energy and Climate Change  464
Surroundings and Infrastructure 522
Waste 214
Transport 791

To see in detail the assessment made by GreenMetric with their criteria on UPNA for 2022 click here.

The methodology to create this ranking may be seen here.