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Dyntra (Dynamic Transparency Index)

Dyntra develops a collaborative platform aiming at measuring the public information of governments, public administrations, political parties, elected office holders and the various social actors in a dynamic, efficient, transparent and open manner.

The management and filling-in of such indexes is carried out from the technological platform, through which it is possible to fill in an open form regarding the level of fulfilment in relation to the standards shown in the index within the typology of public institution and the framework of the government.

In the case of universities, it requires the fulfilment of 169 indicators gathered in five large areas: institutional transparency, public communication, citizens’ participation and collaboration, economic and financial transparency and hiring of services.

In its 2024 edition, Public University of Navarre meets 119 of the 169 assessed indicators, which means a level of fulfilment of 70.41% and places it in position 24 out of 77 analysed universities.

You may access specific information about UPNA on the following website: