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The Public University of Navarre, founded in 1987, is an institution under public law, with legal personality and assets of its own, whose purpose comprises the provision of a public Higher Education service within the scope of its competences.

Articles 2 and 3 of its Statutes establish its functions and the guiding principles for its actions:

Article 2. The functions of the Public University of Navarre are to:

a) Prepare qualified professionals in the different fields of technology, science and the humanities.

b) Create, develop, transmit and evaluate science, technology and the humanities.

c) Disseminate, enhance and transfer knowledge to serve culture, the quality of life and social and economic development.

d) Perform university outreach, cultural and lifelong-training activities which contribute to the progress of society.

Article 3. In order to perform its functions better, and guided by the core principles of equality, democratic participation, transparency and academic freedom, the Public University of Navarre will:

a) Promote quality and excellence in its teaching, research and management, implementing appropriate training, incentive, control and evaluation measures in order to achieve this aim.

 b) Establish relationships with other universities, research centres and Higher Education centres, boosting its international profile and facilitating the mobility of the members of the university community.

c) Encourage dialogue, debate and the exchange of ideas in order to serve social and cultural progress in order to become a highly responsible institution which leads the field and serves as a benchmark in the areas of culture, science and technology.

d) Ensure that its activities reach out as far as possible and that it interacts, preferentially, with Navarrese society.