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  • Area: Trabajo Social y Servicios Sociales
  • e-mail: laparraATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9487 (ext. 9487)

Miguel Laparra, Doctor in Sociology, is currently Associate Professor of Social Policy at the Public University of Navarra (UPNA) and coordinator of the ALTER Research Group, a distinguished social sciences group at UPNA. He has done academic residences at the Warwick Institute of Employment Research (as research fellow), at the Niederhein University of Applied Sciences (as lecturer) and at FLACSO-Quito (as researcher). In recent years, he has been developing his line of research on social exclusion, immigration, the Roma community, the labor market and job precariousness, social inclusion policies, the guarantee of minimum income and social services.

He has been the Director of the Department of Social Work and the Research Chair for Equality and Social Integration (CIPARAIIS). A great number of professionals and researchers have been trained around the projects carried out in this context.

His extensive research career accounts for 34 articles in academic and specialized journals, 35 book chapters and 40 published collective books. His works can be found in various publications and journals, of both national scope (REIS, Journal of Regional Studies, Politics and Society, Bellaterra, FOESSA, La Caixa Foundation, RETS, Sistema, Siglo XXI, CSIC, RTS, Educación y Futuro, Economía y Sociedad, Social Policy and Social Services, Social Documentation, Government and Administration Notebooks) and international scope (Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan, Italian Journal of Social Policy, Social Work Review, Revue Française des Affaires Sociales, South European Society and Politics, Zeitschrift für Sozialreform, European Journal of Social Quality, Documentation Française).

Among his books are Report on the Social Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis (2021), The Inequality and Exclusion We are Left With (2015), Report on Exclusion and Social Development in Navarra (2015), Social Exclusion in Spain (2009), The Construction of Precarious Employment (2007), Report on the Social Situation and Trends of Change among the Roma Population (2007), The Impact of Immigration in a Transforming Society (2005), The Europe of the Roma People (2005), Evolution and Current Situation of the Immigrant Population in Navarra (2004), Foreigners in Purgatory (2003), Multidimensional Exclusion in Urban Spaces (2003), The Fishing Rod and the Fish (1995), and The Sweaty Social Wage (1990). (See original titles in Spanish version)

Beyond academic production, he has developed work with applied orientation to the development of social policies, including collaboration in the implementation and evaluation of minimum income programs in different Autonomous Communities (Navarra, Aragón, Madrid o Illes Balears), in the drafting of the Fight Plan against Social Exclusion of the Government of Navarra and the Community of Madrid, as well as in the Plan for the Social Integration of the Immigrant Population in Navarra, the primary care service reform in Navarra, and the evaluation of the European Integration Strategy for the Roma People.

The work that he performed between 2015 and 2019 as Vice President of Social Rights for the Government of Navarra, should also be understood along these same lines of application of knowledge, introducing important reforms in active employment policies, social housing policies, minimum income protection, inclusion programs, childcare, dependency, or the organization of primary care in social services.

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