Resources and equipment

This research group uses well-equipped facilities that are built around four laboratories: the Optical Communications Lab, the Sensors Lab, the Photonics Lab, and the Teralab. The computing and simulation facilities include more than 50 high-end computers that run software for electrical (microwave) and lightwave devices design as well as optical networks and systems simulation. In terms of instrumentation, a wide variety of electrical and lightwave measurements are available. Novel devices and subsystems can also be fully characterised using the wide range of electrical and lightwave components in the labs.

The non-consumable equipment available from own contributions and other organizations is:

Optical equipment

High resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer (BOSA Aragon Photonics)
Optical backscatter reflectometer (Luna Model OBR 4600)
OTDR universal platform (Rohde&Schwarz)
Optical Spectrum Analyzer: HP71151B
Optical Spectrum Analyzers: ANDO AQ6319
Polarization analyzer OPTELLIOS PS2000B

Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogators (Smartec and Fibersensing)
Polarization controller OPTELLIOS
Polarization Synthesizer PC3120
Wavelength meter: Agilent
EDFA / Raman pump lasers
Integrated electro-optic amplitude modulator AT&T M2123C .(dual drive)
Integrated electro-optic amplitude modulator TriLink
Integrated electro-optic amplitude commuter Uniphase
Electro-absorption modulator

Laser transmitters:
Type: FP 1300 nm, BCP-400
Type: DFB 1550 nm, BCP-420
DFB Laser source with PMF 1550 nm, 10 mW; Philips CQF939/D and control
Osics platform DWDM testing with 5 DFB lasers ITU grid
Laser diode module at 375 nm (MTB)
Optical components analyzer: H-P 8753D...(3 GHz).
Tunable laser source 1520-1580 nm: E-Tek
Tunable laser source 1500-1560 nm: Santec

Opto-electric converters and receivers:
InGaAs p-i-n DC-7 GHz; Tektronix SA-42
InGaAs APD DC-1.5GHz; BCP-310
InGaAs p-i-n DC-7 GHz; Tektronix SA-42
Receiver at 40 GHz U2T
Optical power meters
Sensor heads for 400-1100 nm with calibrating module included

Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers: FIBERAMP-BT 1300
Splicing machine: Eriksson FSU 900
Pump laser source at 100 mW AMONICS
Optical fiber (SMF-28, DS-SMF, ..)
Components (couplers, mux/demux, filters, circulator, isolators, …)