Fiber-optic sensors

Optical Communications Group has a broad experience on fiber-optic sensors. From 1992 we have developed fiber sensors and sensors networks. Nowadays we develop both single-point and distributed sensors using our own fabrication technology. We also develop new multiplexing networks for our sensors or commercial ones using optical amplification when needed.

This research field has five main topics:

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Remote sensing



Remote sensing has received increased focus in recent years due to the fact that it has proven to be a useful tool in many fields tomonitor a wide range of parameters. In general, the pivotal idea behind Remote Sensing is the continuous monitoring of structures from a central station located tens or hundreds of kilometers away from the field through the critical location of sensors which send information to the central station. This remote capability allows immediate damage detection and consequently necessary actions can be taken. Furthermore, this strategy removes the logistical inconvenience of electrical power feeds to remote locations.

We have developed remote sensing systems with the capability to interrogate fiber optic sensors for temperature, strain and displacement monitoring up to 250km away from the Monitoring station using Raman, Brillouin and Er-doped fiber based amplification, or without optical amplification using OTDRs.

Contact: Manuel López-Amo, Monserrat Fernández, Mikel Bravo, Rosa Ana Pérez, Alayn Loayssa