Electronics and communications Applications

The group holds a number of activities in the field of electronics and communication applications. These include general specific designs for particular applications upon demand, structured cabling for home automation (domotics), interactive digital services on television and design of technological aids for handicapped people. In all these fields some projects have been developed in the past, but are active now with ongoing projects. To find more, you can enter in each of the lines:

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Technical aids for disabled people

Dealing with handicapped people, there is a general concern for “accessibility”: removing building barriers for physically handicapped, web access for sensorial handicapped, etc. In the way for turning the old concept of disabled people into the modern idea of people with special needs, labour accessibility is one of the problems to solve. In this framework we find the project: “technological aids for improving labour accessibility for intellectually handicapped people”. In collaboration with Tasubinsa, a Navarra company employing more than 800 intellectually handicapped people, this project has been conducted over the last two years with very interesting results.

Contact: Joaquín Sevilla