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zoom Researcher Jesus Aguado Ruiz

Researcher Jesus Aguado Ruiz

Electronic devices with wireless connectivity, such as tablets, photographic cameras, laptops, sensors, etc., have become essential instruments in day-to-day life. At the same time, users need these devices to be smaller, cheaper and less power consuming. Within this context, Jesús Aguado Ruiz, telecommunications engineer at the Public University of Navarre (UPNA), has, for his PhD thesis, developed integrated circuits that incorporate the reception of ultra-low power consumption in wireless communications over short-range environments. The thesis is entitles, “High Performance Integrated Circuits for Baseband Signal Processing in Ultra Low Power Receivers”.

The author explained that advances in electronic integration technologies has meant that circuits have to operate with ever-smaller batteries and using lower supply voltages. “To this end, the design of low power consumption circuits has become an aspect of vital importance”. Using new strategies of analogue design, Mr. Aguado has developed various circuits that improve the reception of communications.

For his work he devised a number of different capacity multipliers and amplifiers, which “have turned out to be especially interesting for their applications in low power consumption”. These designs were carried out in collaboration with university teacher Jaime Ramírez Angulo, of the New Mexico State University, in two research placements undertaken at its laboratories. On the other hand, various amplifiers systems were designed which enabled working with approximately constant broadband, “something fundamental for facilitating the design of the rest of the receptor blocks”.

The PhD thesis also includes, within a joint project with the Epson-Seiko company, devising a demodulator, giving rise to two international patents.

Mr. Jesús Aguado is an engineer in telecommunications technologies from UPNA. Since 2007 he has been part of the Communications, Signals and Microwaves research team at UPNA’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the body where he worked as co-researcher on this project. He has participated in various national and international congresses and is also author of articles published in journals of reference.

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