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Bilingualism and MBE
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  • To bring together different European countries in a project funded by the Commission, in order to promote the teaching of European languages and encourage better cultural awareness and understanding.

  • To bring together practitioners of MBE (primary and secondary school teachers from these countries) and theoreticians and experts from different universities.

  • To observe current practice in well established programmes in different European countries and find out what support the class teachers need in terms of material and training.

  • To create material and resources which can be used by teachers in an MBE context (for specific subjects only)

  • To put in place some methodological guidelines as to what constitutes successful MBE and produce a manual for interested parties.

  • To establish exchange programmes between lecturers, teachers and students so as to promote co-operation and understanding between the different schools of thought.

  • To train student teachers to deliver their specialist content subject in an MBE setting.

  • To create and deliver modules on ‘Foundations in bilingualism and Bilingual Education’ and on ‘Mainstream Bilingual Education – National implications and applications’ which form part of the students’ theoretical training.

  • To provide student teachers with the experience of teaching in an MBE setting so that they gain greater confidence and expertise in this field.

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