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Bilingualism and MBE
Origins and aims of the project
Specific Objectives
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Action Plan and Outcome
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    The project started in 1997, and ran till the end of August 2000. Most of the objectives stated above have been achieved. The exchange of students has started and their training in MBE will commence in the Autumn term 1999.

The finished product

The final outcome of the project will take different forms:

  • a manual, in book form
  • the Tel2l website which you are accessing
  • exchanges of lecturers and students as well as practising teachers and interested parties
  • conferences. An international conference has already taken place at St Martin’s College in Lancaster, involving renowned guest speakers, in April 1998.
  • systematic training of our student teachers in the four partner countries so that the first cohort of fully-fledged MBE teachers will be ready to go into schools by the end of the academic year 2001.

It will also appeal to a varied clientele:

  • practising teachers who have been involved in MBE teaching and want to know more, and perhaps forge links with other teachers and institutions LINK Forum for Discussion
  • would-be MBE teachers who are interested in learning more about this field
  • head-teachers, heads of departments and school advisors who are keen to set up a MBE programme in their schools
  • parents and governors of interested schools
  • lecturers from universities where such training is available
  • people who have a special interest in the field of Bilingual Education

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