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Research Institutes are an initiative of the Research Office of the Public University of Navarra aimed at creating large and powerful teams to improve communication, interaction and combined research working that initially disparate interests in research areas, but can converge in solving complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach.
The aim is also to generate knowledge and all this based on a high level of academic rigor and excellence in the configuration and composition of these Institutes, while promoting effective transfer to society and the productive sector.

Currently the Public University of Navarra has 6 research institutes:

  • Institute of Smart Cities - ISC 
  • Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics - INAMAT2
  • Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economics - INARBE
  • Institute for Sustainability & Food Chain Innovation - ISFOOD
  • Institute for Advanced Social Research - I-COMMUNITAS
  • Institute for Multidisciplinary Applied Biology Research - IMAB





Research Institutes
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