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Each Institute has its own management team. Coordinating the promotion and business development of all of them are:

Begoña Vicente
Begoña Vicente
Head of Business Development

Industrial Engineer with specializations in Energy and Management (ESI Bilbao UPV-EHU).
- Postgraduate studies in  production and management (ACD Consulting Engineers).
- Postgraduate studies in foreign trade (UPV-EHU).
- Master in Biomedical Engineering (UPV-EHU).
- MBA (UOC). 

With a wide experience in the identification, development and management of R & D projects, work management and process optimization, planning and team coordination.

Has held positions as Project Manager in Moderna Foundation and SODENA (within the framework of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) development), and as Senior Innovation Manager at CEIN, working at Regional and European levels.

Ambrosio Liceaga Project Manager UPNA
Ambrosio Liceaga
Project Manager

Industrial Engineer with specializations in Electricity and Electronics (ETSII Public University of Navarre).
- University Expert in Data Science and Big Data (UPNA).

- Master in Biomedical Engineering.

- Master in Occupational Health and Safety  (AIN)

With a wide experience (14 years)  in private sector in different areas like Health and Safety at work (management and audits), Professional Training and R & D projects.  Has worked as research at Institute of Smart Cities (UPNA) for 4 years. Currently Project Manager for Research Institutes at Public University of Navarre.





Elena Santamaría



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