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Miércoles 8 de noviembre de 2023

Seminario de investigación: The Effects of Robots on the Workplace

Por Ainhoa Urtasun UPNA

INARBE organiza este seminario que se celebrará el día 8 de noviembre a las 12,00h. en la sala de juntas de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales.

Coautoría:  Adrianto from University of Minnesota; Avner Ben-Ner from University of Minnesota; Ainhoa Urtasun from UPNA

Abstract: Robots in manufacturing replicate human actions and perform various physical roles in the production process. As such, they substitute for some manual and cognitive tasks carried out by the lower-skilled workers (operators) and eliminate some operator jobs. On the other hand, robots require maintenance, oversight of their work, and ongoing quality control, tasks that can be carried out by operators and technicians. Furthermore, the implementation of robotics in an establishment necessitates conception, design, testing, and analysis, tasks that require greater skills, typically held by engineers and technicians. Changes in the task content of manufacturing can have major effects on labor demand (Acemoglu and Restrepo, 2019). We use comprehensive information from US manufacturing postings to estimate the effect of the introduction of robotics into an establishment on the employment and skill requirements of high-skilled and low-skilled technical occupations. We find that plants that adopt robotics experience a sustainable and significantly higher growth in their job postings compared to plants that have not yet adopted robotics. Our findings also suggest significant differences in the skill content of jobs after a plant introduces robotics technology

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