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Friday, September 22, 2023

Seminario de investigación: Spin transport and magnetization dynamics in ultra low damping Co100-xFex/Ta bilayers

Por Luis Avilés Félix

INAMAT2 organiza este seminario que tendrá lugar el día 22 de septiembre a las 11,00h. en la sala de conferencias del edificio Jerónimo de Ayanz.


The manipulation of the electron charge and the spin for the development of more efficient spintronic devices has been a topic of increasing interest in recent years. In particular, systems based on metallic ferromagnets with very low damping, a parameter that determines the speed and energy consumption during the operation of modern electronic devices, are excellent candidates for spin current injection. Recently, it has been reported that the Co25Fe75 alloy exhibits low magnetic damping, due to the features of the band structure in Co100-xFex alloys. In this seminar I will discuss the magnetic and spin transport characterization in Co100-xFex (20 nm)/Ta (10 nm) bilayer systems, with x = 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, grown on MgO (100) single crystal substrates. Characterization by Kerr magnetometry, transmission electron microscopy and ferromagnetic resonance allowed to determine that the Co100-xFex films grow epitaxially with a cubic structure rotated 45° with respect to the (100) direction of the MgO substrate plane, determining the easy and hard magnetization axes. On the other hand, spin transport characterization using spin pumping and inverse spin Hall effect allowed the detection of induced voltages associated to the conversion of spin current to charge current, of the order of 100 µV (Fe80Co20), demonstrating efficient conversion of spin current to charge current in Ta layers

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