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Misión y visión

Promote technological and non-technological innovation in Navarre’ business community in the areas of activity of the Institutes (Smart Cities, New Materials, Economics and Business and Food Chain), channeling the research capacity of the Public University of Navarra and promoting development knowledge and business competitiveness.

Be a reference center on technological and non-technological scientific transfer from academia to the rest of society based nor only on the research outcomes’ success  but also on the quality of all the stakeholders’ relationships, as well as participate regularly in European and international networks and projects.

researcher level
proactive collaboration
Commitment and involvement
Professionalism and rigor
continuously updating
business attitude

Transparency in the relationships
Respect for people and the Environment
Commitment to Society

Research Institutes
Jeronimo de Ayanz Building
Public University of Navarre
Campus de Arrosadia 31006 - Pamplona
Tel. +34 948 169512
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