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Facilities and venues

Research Institutes HQ is based in Jerónimo de Ayanz  building  (in honor of the prolific inventor from Navarre (more info) and located at the Public University Campus.

The building provides shared laboratories for the Research Institutes, as well as space for spin-offs and projects. 
The location of the building in Pamplona's University Campus facilitates the interaction with the different departments, research groups and other scientific and technological facilities of the Public University.


The Center has eleven laboratories with basic furniture and instrumentation equipment, computers and communications. Each laboratory has an office.
5 Laboratories are specialized:

INAMAT Laboratory

  • Materials Laboratory: Equipped with helium and nitrogen facilities, this laboratory allows the performance of a wide range of chemical and physical analysis needed for research in new materials.
  • Smart Cities Laboratory. Equipped for prototyping and piloting on smart cities projects 
  • Optics - Photonics Laboratory . It has optical benches for characterization of photonic devices and performing unguided optical assemblies. It has equipment for spectral and temporal characterization of photonic circuits.

Optics Lab

  • THz Laboratory . The instrumentation provided allows working in the range of very high frequencies to the terahertz. It also has analyzers, calibration kits, dimensional characterization equipment and micrometric precision positioners.
  • Assistant prototyping laboratory. Equipped with prototyping laboratoryfacilities for micromachining, metallization and assembly in multilayers way that allows prototyping small series of printed circuit boards with precision.

Others 6 Laboratories are intended to accommodate projects under development or Spin-offs from the Institutes themselves. These labs can house one or more projects depending on the needs of space and the confidentiality in each case.

Clean Room ISO 7

The building also has a Clean Room ISO 7 (40m2) for microchips prototyping. The Clena Room is used for Microfabrication: thin-film photolithography, dry etching (ICP system), wet etching, DC sputtering, e-beam deposition, lift-off and wafer dicing.Clean room











  • INARBE's Experimental Laboratory focuses its activities on conducting simulations and experiments in both the economic and business fields. Data provided by the experiments and simulations helps companies to understand, predict and quantify the behaviour and reactions of their customers and human resources in real competitive situations. The research developed includes fields such as Marketing to understand, predict and quantify the behaviour and reactions of consumers to different loyalty strategies, Microeconomics and game theory, Experimental economics, which applied to human resources management, allows to analyse and predict the behaviour of individuals and teams of workers subjected to specific situations, Industrial organization for successful decision making and the management of natural resources and environmental economics including externalities, regulatory systems and financing problems. 


The Research Institutes Headquarters is based in the building. 
The center also has five offices fully equipped. These offices are intended to accommodate projects that do not require laboratory facilities.


The center has a number of sharing common spaces for the research institutes:

  • Meeting room with capacity for 15 people with media, networking and interactive whiteboard.
  • general VenuesConference room for events, training, presentations, etc. Up to 50 people. It has audiovisual media, networking, interactive whiteboard and simultaneous translation facility.
  • Hall of 200 m2 which allows to house temporary exhibitions, receptions or events.
  • Resting area with coffee machine
  • Terrace that provides open space for antennas installation and other equipment related to the institutes' projects. There is also space for relaxed networking.

Computing Cluster

Computing Cluster

The computing cluster consists of 26 nodes. They all have: 128 Gigabytes of RAM. 2 processors, 32 cores in total (32 parallel processes).

The nodes are as follows:
- Master node (1 in total): 12 3Terabyte disks (with home directories, user directories). Protected with a UPS in case of power outages.
- NODO GPU (1 total): 2 2-discs 2 NVIDIA Tesla controllers with: 12GB memory each. 2880 cores each.
- Bigdata nodes (8 total): 2 4 Teras disks.
- Nodes of calculation (16 in total): 1 disc of 4 Teras.

The Computing Cluster Commission consists of the Area Director of the Vice-Rectorate of Research and a representative of each Research Institute.

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