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  • Area: Producción Vegetal
  • e-mail: farranATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 8956 (ext. 8956)

In 1993, I graduated from the University of Lleida with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. In 2001, I got my PhD at the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), which was focused on the production of human serum albumin (HSA) in transgenic potato tubers. Since 2001, I have been lecturer at the Agricultural Production Department of the Agricultural Engineering School of the UPNA, currently occupying a position of Profesor Contratado Doctor with accreditation for Associated Professor. My teaching activity is focused on horticulture and plant biotechnology at the level of both bachelor and master’s degree. During these years, I have supervised 3 PhD Thesis, 12 Master Thesis and more than 30 Diploma Thesis. I have been Academic Secretary at the Agricultural Production Department (2010-2012), Deputy Director of the Agricultural Engineering School (2012-2015) and Director of Degree management and quality (2015-2019) at the UPNA. Since June 2019, I am the Vice Rector of Academic Policy at the UPNA. Teaching record: 3 steps (quinquennia).

I belong to the "Plant Agrobiotechnology" research group that develops their research activity at the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Biology (IMAB-UPNA). My research focused on plastid transformation, biofactory plants, and plant redox regulation. I have been Principal Investigator (PI) of 3 research projects founded by the Government of Navarre, and I have participated in other research projects (three of them founded by the Plan Nacional). I have co-authored several scientific papers included in JCR (most of them given a quartile score of Q1), 2 biotechnological patents, 1 book chapter and 2 invited conferences. Research record: 2 steps (sexennia).

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