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  • Area: Producción Vegetal
  • e-mail: carlos.mirandaATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9850 (ext. 9850)

Since 1998 I have carried my research activity within the Advanced fruit and grape growing group at UPNA, led by Dr. J Bernardo Royo until his retirement in September this year, and now by Dr. Gonzaga Santesteban. I am also Associate Professor in the Dept. of Agronomy, Biotechnology and Food Science and Researcher in the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Biology, at UPNA. I am specialized in pomology and fruit tree genetic resources, and my activity is performed on three main areas:

  • Evaluation of the genetic variability and characterization of fruit tree species and grapevine. My activity involves phenotyping, genotyping and evaluate the diversity of old and traditional germplasm, which has been funded by European, national and regional competitive calls. I am also the curator of the ESP-197 Germplasm collection (apple, grapevine and plum). Our main achievements in this line have been to elucidate the genetic structure of the apple and pear Spanish genetic resources and obtaining a harmonized method for phenotyping apple germplasm. Further research in this line will involve to phenotype and genotype traits associated with novel uses, and the evaluation of the environmental stability of agronomic traits and the evaluation of diversity on a global scale, for which we maintain active international collaborations (currently involved in a H2020 proposal with other 28 partners under evaluation in the 2nd phase).
  • Influence of environmental and cultural factors on the adaptation of fruit trees and grapevines: My activity has focused on the study of the response of fruit trees in temperate climates to climatic variations and accidents, as well as the influence of farm management on fruit production and quality. Among the main achievements here are the determination of tolerance limits and damage produced by climatic accidents, obtaining of methods for early yield forecasting, phenological modelling of fruit trees and the estimation of the effect of pruning and thinning on yield and quality. Future objectives in this line are the development of regional scale models for phenological evolution, climate adaptation and climate&weather risks in present and future climate scenarios.
  • Soil maintenance and irrigation management in vineyards oriented to the production of high-quality grapes: my activity has focused on the response of vineyards to irrigation, fertilization and management strategies to improve water and nutrient use efficiency, assessing the adaptation and quality potential of the varieties to edaphoclimatic conditions. I also work in precision agriculture techniques for quality-oriented viticulture, and in the development of models and strategies for adaptation of the vineyard to climate change conditions. In this line we seek to develop regional models and strategies for adapting the vineyard to climate change conditions, and improve the efficiency in water and nutrients use, focusing on varieties little studied with great adaptative potential.

I have over 40 JCR journal publications, more than 100 conference presentations, two books, two utility models, and several technical documents and book chapters. I have been involved in 28 Projects funded by competitive calls (4 European, 9 National, 15 Regional), being the Lead Researcher in 4 (1 European, 2 National, 1 Regional). I have also been involved as researcher in around 60 R&D contracts in the last 10 years. I have directed a PhD Thesis on Plant Genetic resources.

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