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  • Area: Análisis Matemático
  • e-mail: steinerATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9551 (ext. 9551)

Esteban INDURÁIN (born in Pamplona, Spain: JULY 30th, 1960).



-Degree in  Mathematical Sciences.  University of Zaragoza, Spain (1982).  

-Doctorate (Ph. D.)  in  Mathematical Sciences.  University of Zaragoza, Spain (1985).     Dissertation entitled:  “On the geometry of sequences in Banach spaces: unit position”,   held in the Faculty of Sciences,  University of Zaragoza,  in JUNE 22nd 1985. Co-advisers: Dr.  Andrés Reyes-Rodríguez and Dr. Antonio Plans - Sanz de Bremond.

-Full Professor of Mathematical Analysis in the Public University of Navarre, Pamplona (Spain),  since   2000. 

-About 100 published papers in well-ranked journals, with impact factor considered in ISI-JCR (from a total of more than 130 published papers). Impact factor h = 16 in  “Web of Science” (i.e.: at least 16 impact papers have been cited at least 16 times each in impact journals recorded in the ISI-JCR system).

-Main researcher (leader of team), in several   projects  supported by  MEC or similar (Spain).

-Member (currently or formerly)  of several international associations,  namely,  European Mathematical Society, New York Academic of Sciences, Econometric Society and  Real Sociedad Matemática Española.

-Eight Ph. D. theses co-advised up-to-date. One of them was awarded a prize to the best Ph. D. thesis in its ambit and period.

-Participation in more than 100 congresses and/or scientific meetings, with a high percentage of invitations to contribute with plenary lectures. 

-Invited to transmit pieces of own research by means of lectures and seminars held  in several universities and research centers all over the world.

-Associate editor  of “Applied General Topology and “Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems”.

-More of 140 revisions made for “Mathematical Reviews”,  “Zentralblatt für Mathematik”, etc.

-Referee and reviewer for a high number of  scientific impact journals.

-Reviewer of research projects for agencies as ANEP (Spain) or CINECA (Italy).

-Member of the ANECA agency (Spain), which controls processes of full-professorship in Spain, in the area of Sciences, since FEB 2014 till NOV 2015.

-Interdisciplinary research interests:   Real Analysis,   Ordered Structures, Functional Equations,    General Topology, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Mathematical Economics, Social Choice, etc.

-Fluent in English  and French.

-Head of the   Department of Mathematics (Public University of Navarre) from  2007 to 2012.






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