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Titular Universidad

  • Department: CIENCIAS
  • Area: Química Orgánica
  • e-mail: jrazkATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9594 (ext. 9594)


Academic education

- Degree in Chemistry, speciality: Organic Chemistry

University of Zaragoza

- Doctor of Chemical Sciences

   Public University of Navarra


Postdoctoral formation

1-  Department of Organic Chemistry, Science University of Tokyo, Japan

Program: European Union Science and Technology Fellowship in Japan

2 years

2-  Department of Organic Chemistry, Linkoping University, Sweden

Program: Research Training Network: ENDEVAN (European Network of Development of Artificial Nucleases)

2 years and 8 months

3-  Laboratory of Molecular Engineering and Chemistry of Bioorganic Compounds

Universite J. Fourier-CNRS, France

1 year and 5 months



- Accreditation for University Associate Professor, ANECA, January 2011

- Program PI3 accreditation (Incentive to Incorporation and Intensification of Research Activity), ANEP, 2010


University Teaching

- Experience at UPNA as Assistant Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor

- Qualified to teach in Basque and English

- Subjects:           


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Inter-university Master)

Chemical Basis of Engineering

Agricultural Chemistry

- Teaching abroad: Visiting Professor at North Park University, Chicago, USA

course 2018 - 2019

subjects:  Chemistry and Biochemistry

Organic Chemistry

- “Excellence award” in teaching activity, obtained in the last evaluation


Experience in industry

- R&D Chemist in Brilen SA (Brilen Novapet)

Production of polyester (polymer chips and textile fibre)

2 years and 3 months



- National research projects:

1- Synthesis of pheromones. Application to Integrated Pest Management

2- Design of new chiral inductors and catalysts from camphor for aldolic and similar reactions. Application to synthesis of pheromones

3- Use of new chiral catalytic systems for enantioselective reactions

4- Use of a-hydroxy enones in asymmetric catalysis

5- Use of bidentate templates in enantioselective catalysis

6- Encapsulation and controlled release of antioxidants for use in food

7- a´-Hydroxy ketones as bidentate templates for the enantioselective formation of C-C and

   C-heteroatom bonds: from metal catalysis to organocatalysis

8- Design of new Bronsted acids for enantioselective reactions

9- Design, synthesis and evaluation of chiral Bronsted bases in asymmetric catalysis


- Research projects abroad:

1- Synthetic chemistry of insect pheromones

2- European Network of Development of Artificial Nucleases (ENDEVAN)

3- Synthesis of peptidic macromolecules. Design, synthesis and evaluation of activable fluorescent probes for

    tumour imaging, detection and therapy



- Deputy Director of Department of Applied Chemistry









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