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Senior mentors

Share your experience and help last-year students with their job search or to start their entrepreneurial venture.

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What is a senior mentor?

Mentors are professionals from any field, entrepreneurs, executives from partnering companies and institutions with extensive work experience; preferably somebody who has, at some point, had a relationship with the Public University of Navarre.

Mentors must have at least four years’ professional experience and be available to devote some of their time to mentoring a final-year undergraduate or postgraduate student. They will provide mentees with constructive feedback, putting at their disposal all their experience, dedication and motivation, supporting and guiding them in order to improve their employability and increase their chances of success.

They will share their professional experience at the Public University of Navarre with selected final-year master’s and PhD students, and recent graduates, advising and informing them for two or three months.


Commitments of mentors

  • Availability to meet the programme’s objective of at least 2 mentoring sessions between March and May.
  • Commitment to take on 1, 2 or 3 mentees.

The mentor’s work with the mentee will involve:

  • Offering career guidance and networking to increase the mentee's employability.
  • Improving the mentee’s job prospects through professional and personal training, stimulating their skills.
  • Improving the mentee’s chances of finding work by opening up new career prospects.