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Simulation & Optimization Models

The simulation can be considered as a wide range of methods and techniques aimed at imitation and reproduction of the behavior of real systems, usually on a computer. It uses mathematical models of the systems analyzed. The purpose of building a simulation model is to experiment with it rather than experimenting with the real system (too expensive, there is no ethical, etc..). The information obtained from the execution of the simulation model is used to make decisions concerning the real system. Furthermore, the simulation model allows, through the definition of scenarios, answering questions such as what would happen if ...?.

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Algorithms development

The construction of a simulation model requires designing the mathematical model and the logical relationships that describe operation of the actual system. Simulation models are characterized by high flexibility, incorporating the features of the real system, with all its complexity. This has enabled the simulation now has become a standard tool in the analysis of complex real systems in the field of engineering, industry and health services, among others.