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Ten institutions participate in ANFoMAM project. Six of them are responsible for the development of the project: University of Zaragoza, Sesdown, Università degli Studi Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione, Associazione Tokalon, University of Bordeaux y Public University of Navarra. The other ones participate as collaborating partnerss: University of Alcalá, Asociation The Big Van Theory, UpToYou Education Foundation y Universität Hamburg.

UZ - University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza (UZ) was inaugurated in 1583 by Pedro Cerbuna. It has more than 3.800 research teachers and more than 37.000 students. The university has three campuses: in Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza and offers 54 degrees, 52 university master's degrees, 46 doctoral programs and 99 own studies.

UZ's research focuses on the technical, social, legal, humanistic, experimental and biosanitary areas. The activity is organized through its own, mixed or attached Research Institutes, as well as through 210 nationally and internationally recognized research groups.

Together with the Public university of Navarra, La Rioja and Lleida forms the Iberus Campus, distinguished by the Ministry of Education as a Campus of International Excellence (CIE). This project is based on three areas of specialization: materials and technology for quality of life (with two aspects: technology for health, and energy and environment); agrifood and nutrition; and memory, heritage and identities.

In this video Jose Ignacio Cogolludo describes ANFoMAM's philosophy:


The Society of Studies on Down Syndrome (SESDOWN) was established in Zaragoza in 2016 with the purpose of studying and investigating all the issues that are related to Down syndrome. In addition, this Society is also interested in the world of intellectual disability and functional diversity, all this from an integrative and interdisciplinary vision.

It has two principal objectives. On the one hand, it disseminates studies and scientific advances made in this field. On the other hand, the society trains people who are interested in contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of people who have Down syndrome.

In this video Elena Gil Clemente tells us her role in the proyect:

URT - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

The Italian public Roma Tre University, founded in 1992, is a reference of the national and international academic scene, characterized by the activity of 818 teachers organized in 12 Departments and around 32,000 students.

Roma Tre offers 72 university degrees and 80 postlauream courses (first and second level master, advanced course, refresher courses…).

The internationalization is a strategic priority of this University and the teaching staff participates in numerous European and international projects. Moreover, the dynamic research activity is reflected in a continuous production of publications, patents and projects of engineering and architecture and doctoral thesis.


Tokalon association was founded in 2013 by five high school teachers and today consists of 25 members. It is an association formed by teachers of all levels, researchers, university students, academics and professionals who work in the field of education, training and excellence in teaching.

The association promotes culture as a capacity for critical and personal attention and judgment in every aspect of reality. The initiatives of Tokalon are varied and are aimed at different topics.

UB - Universidad de Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux (UB) starts working 575 years ago and stand out for its values: humanism, excellence, creativity and diversity. It currently has 53.000 students and about 4.000 teachers and researchers.

The university offers 245 masters and 125 degrees in the Faculties of Science and Technology, Faculty of Law, Political Science and Ecomony, Faculty of Sociology and Health Sciences.

The École Supérieure de Professorat et d'Éducation (ESPE) of Aquitaine is part of the UB and offers the master's degree on teaching, education and training (MEEF). It prepares students to be a teacher of business schools, university professor, teacher of Secondary Education, counselor or inspector of the national education department.

Valentina Celi talks about exchange of experiences in ANFoMAM:

UPNA - Universidad Pública de Navarra

The Public University of Navarra (UPNA) was created in 1987 by the Parliament of Navarra and is a public and modern university located on the campus of Pamplona and Tudela. Its academic offer has 22 Degrees, 4 double Degrees and 31 Masters.

Together with the universities of Zaragoza, La Rioja and Lleida, it forms the Iberus Campus, distinguished by the Ministry of Education as a Campus of International Excellence (CEI). This project is based on three areas of specialization: materials and technology for quality of life, nutrition and memory, heritage and identities.

It currently has over 8.000 students and in terms of teaching staff, more than 100 research groups organized in 4 Research Institutes. They are in permanent contact with groups from other countries, carrying out work and joint publications, patents and generating an active participation in international forums and congresses. It positioned UPNA in the second quartile of Spanish public universities, in terms of internationalization of its research, measured through the percentage of publications in collaboration with institutions outside the country (Scimago Institution Ranking, 2014).

In this video Inma Lizasoain presents us the project: