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International students

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Visiting students


Academic stays of no more than one year, when there is no agreement between the student’s University of origin (or Isep) and the UPNA, and in accordance with the Regulations for Visiting Students.

To apply as a visiting student you must give proof of having obtained the credits corresponding to first academic course of the bachelor studies and al least a medium level of spanish (B1 recommended).

Applications should be sent by e-mail before 30th of June to International Relations Office relext@unavarra.es

Visiting student application form

The University does not apply an extraordinary price in the tuition of the visiting students;  it maintains the same price as for the national students, so,  the cost of its registration will depend on the number of credits registered, and on the type of credits:
- For Degree programs, prices are published on this website
- For Master's degrees, prices are published on this website

Enquiries and doubts: incoming@unavarra.es